Bug Player

Bug Player Manga ( Bug Using Player ; I’m A Player That Will Use All The Bugs ; I’m A Player, That Will Alone Benefit From The Bugs ; Solo Bug-Using Player ; 나 홀로 버그로 꿀빠는 플레이어 ) also named Solo Bug Player and Solo Glitch Player is a Korean web novel Manhwa written by Cheongcho — a story about two brothers who are trying to survive in a harsh world. The protagonist of the manga, the Bug Player, is a young man who is trying to find his purpose in life. It is an ongoing series with over 13 concurrent volumes with each volume having 25 chapters each. The Manhwa was first published in 2020 and it combines Action Adventure, Comedy and Fantasy genres.

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Synopsis :
The story of Bug Player Manga was written and created by the Japanese writer Cheongcho. It is a manga about a boy who has to fight with a bug that lives in the middle of his room. In the manga, the author has created a world full of beautiful people. The main character of the story is a young boy named Bug Player.

The BUG PLAYER Character:

A bug player manga character is a character who is thought to have the ability to manipulate the game system in order to play it more efficiently and thus to become more popular. To achieve this, bugs are often manipulated in order to increase the performance in the game.
The “bug player” is a manga character who uses a bug to spread infectious diseases. The idea is that this character is a sort of “bug virus”, which spreads from person to person via social networking.
The usage of bug characters is a huge trend in anime and manga. Many bug characters are introduced in the first chapter of a manga, and are not really used much in the rest of the manga, but are still present in the first chapter.