Bug Player, Chapter 94

Solo Bug Player

Chapter 94

What is the difference between Manga and Manhwa genres?

A manga is a Japanese term describing a type of printed story print that was originally developed in the late eighties. It is a form of fictional, narrative text. It is not a literary work. It was an attempt to create a new genre of literature. It has been described as “a particular style of Japanese literature”.

What is the appeal of reading BUG PLAYER manga?

In the early days of manga, there were two main reasons to read the manga. Firstly, the manga was the first attempt to introduce a new style of writing among the Japanese people. Secondly, the manga was considered a form of art. The Japanese people were interested in seeing how the simplicity of the drawing and the beautiful writing would strike the general public.
“Because it is a visual form in which words become one with the pictures that they describe, and because of the strong emotions they put you into, the manga is very powerful.